BeamItDown Software, makers of the iOS based iFlow Reader, are going out of business. According to their website:

The key point here is that all sellers now get a 30% commission and Apple now wants a 30% fee, which is all of our gross margin and then some.

The full statement is worth reading, as is this CNET interview. Artists and entrepreneurs take note: if your success depends on the good graces of a monopoly, you will eventually get screwed.

On a more positive note, from Jonathon Coulton:

Here are some things I do differently from some other artists: I own all my music 100%, which means I have complete control over how I sell it (or not). I can give it away, I can bundle it on a USB key or in a zip file, I can allow people to make and post music videos, and I don't have to deal with lawyers or labels to do any of that. I also get all the profits.

Again, the full post is worth reading.