#Dungeon23: Dragon Dreams

I'm participating in Dungeon23 a project to make a megadungeon one room per day, one level per month, yielding a 365 room dungeon at the end of 2023. To keep thing's low key, I'll be updating this page only as I finish each level. So, about once a month, usually in the first week of the month. I am starting with a system neutral "generic" version but will probably stat it out for Pathfinder 1e at some point.

This megadungeon is the tomb of the great dragon Berbalkor, held captive under four magical seals, each beneath a buried city, one on top of the other. Berbalkor's treasure is said to be vast -- do you dare break the seals to recover it?

Girl riding a dragon.



2/28/2023: Level 2 (generic)

Finished the second level (see Downloads above).

2/1/2023: Level 1 (generic)

Finished the first level (see Downloads above). Special thanks to Dai Shugars for posting an excellent example/tutorial on formatting this kind of dungeon in LaTeX.