Electric Puppet Theatre Reviews Green Naugahyde

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        Sara: I went to grab the new Kittie album...
        Pria: Any good?
        Sara: Solid -- like In the Black, only more adventurous.  Tara's really holding her own.
        Pria: But?

        Sara: Check this out!
        [[Sara flourishes the clear green vinyl of Primus's latest release: Green Naugahyde]]
        Pria: On vinyl?
        Sara: Two weeks early!
        Pria: Have you got a record player?
        Sara: I was kinda hoping you would.
        Pria: No, but I know who does...

        [[Janice eyes one of the platters]]
        Janice: No liner notes?
        Janice: Let's try this side
        Janice: What is this?  Captain Beefheart?
        Sara: Huh, I guess Les is still doing that gravely Tom Waits thing...
        Janice: Or, we've got it at the wrong speed.
        [[Janice switches the turn table from 33 to 45 rpm]]
        Sara: Oh!

        [[Music: Hennepin Crawler]]
        Pria: Ace!  Finally we're getting some respect!
        [[Music: Lee van Cleef]]
        Janice: Ragtime, nice.
        [[Music: Moron TV]]
        Pria: Heh, picking up where Spagetti Western left off -- waking up from a stoner's daze and seeing what we've got on the telly these days.
        [[Music: Jily's on Smack and The Eyes of the Squirrel]]
        Sara: Hypnotic arco dirges a la Mary the Icecube]]
        [[Music: Eternal Consumption Engine]]
        Sara: Yes!  Punchbowl circus jams done well!

        [[Music: Salmon Men]]
        Sara: The cohesion of Frizzel Fry and Pork Soda.  The whimsy of Punchbowl.  The texture of Antipop and Purple Onion.
        Pria: And those tight Primus cymbal and tom patterns.
        Janice: Worth waiting for?
        Sara and Pria: Oh yeah!

        Janice: Good -- Let's put eyebrows on it.

        [[Primus -- Green Naugahyde -- On vinyl now.  CD in stores 9/13/2011]]

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