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[[Sara smiles as Janice and Pria's music swirls around her.  She fires up
 vkeybd, qsynth, and rakarack on her laptop, wires them together with
 qjackctl, and begins to play]]


May 20, 2011 -- Fabrice Bellard's JavaScript x86 Emulator

Fabrice Bellard, transcendental constant of cool things, has done it again! His JavaScript PC Emulator emulates a 486 well enough to run a Linux operating system (including vi and "emacs", plus a C compiler) inside of your web browser (Firefox 4 and Chrome 11 are recommended due to W3C Typed Array support, but it works for us with Firefox 3.6). Enjoy!

May 21, 2011 -- Fan Art on Skin Horse

Shaenon Garrity, magnificent human being, has posted our fan art on Skin Horse today. In the unlikely event that you aren't already reading Skin Horse, you can start here (and then you'll be wanting to check out Smithson and Narbonic).

May 24, 2011 -- The Dangers of Sharecropping

BeamItDown Software, makers of the iOS based iFlow Reader, are going out of business. According to their website:

The key point here is that all sellers now get a 30% commission and Apple now wants a 30% fee, which is all of our gross margin and then some.

The full statement is worth reading, as is this CNET interview. Artists and entrepreneurs take note: if your success depends on the good graces of a monopoly, you will eventually get screwed.

On a more positive note, from Jonathon Coulton:

Here are some things I do differently from some other artists: I own all my music 100%, which means I have complete control over how I sell it (or not). I can give it away, I can bundle it on a USB key or in a zip file, I can allow people to make and post music videos, and I don't have to deal with lawyers or labels to do any of that. I also get all the profits.

Again, the full post is worth reading.

May 24, 2011 -- YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, this has been a long time coming.

May 24, 2011 -- EPT is Creatively Common

Electric Puppet Theatre is pleased to announce the release of our comics under a Creative Commons attribution non-comercial share-alike license (cc-by-nc-sa). Full details are in the FAQ.

Of course, when it comes to stylish licensing notices, no one can hold a candle to A Girl and Her Fed:

"You are free to share, distribute, copy, and transmit this work under the Creative Commons License but that dude who writes for Fringe should really knock it off."

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