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Louis: Well, look what the cat drug in.
Sara: Sorry I'm late.  I totally...
Janice: Don't worry.  We were just finishing a new song.

Pria: Break out your rig and put some eyebrows on it!

Sara: Doh!  I left my laptop in lab!

Janice: That's convenient.
Sara: ?
Janice: After all...

Janice: We need someone to sing.


November 04, 2011 -- Intereviews

We just stumbled on a great trove of interviews/movie recommendations on the Adult Swim blog. Especially good:

November 07, 2011 -- Welcome Home

Kicks have started for Sanitarium, a new game featuring art by Dirk "Paradigm Shift" Tiede. The "cards-as-board" motif reminds us of Mystic Wood, one of our all time favorite games.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, go check out the Kickstarter page.

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