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Sara: Bite me, Bryant. 

Joel: What?
[[Joel flames a spreader]]
Joel: And break a canine?

Joel: Seriously, Sara.  I can't put the new blood into my culture until nine.
[[Joel spreads cells on a petri dish]]
Joel: Are you here late enough for that?
Sara: Sure, no problem.

Joel: The I am outa here.
[[Joel extinguishes his burner]]

Sara: Ciao.


October 10, 2011 -- A Belated Happy Ada Lovelace Day

We were too unhip to remember Ada Lovelace Day this year, so instead we point you to Matthew Garrett's excellent tribute to Margaret Dayhoff. A staggering amount of our knowledge of molecular evolution stands on the shoulders of Dayhoff's PAM matrices. Why not celebrate by taking them out for a spin?

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