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Janice: I'll be finished teaching by then.

Pria: Leaving only our lab work to be shirked.  Game, Sara?

Sara: Totally!

Louis: Okay, mister-the-impressario, you got yourself a band.

[[The amulet-insectoid crawls across the counter]]

[[The amulet transforms again, closing itself into a box]]

[[Jersey looks down and picks up the amulet box]]


August 03, 2012 -- Contact

James Gurney makes a special delivery.

August 06, 2012 -- Free Wizards!

In celebration of the landing of the Curiosity Rover, Diane Duane is offering a free ePub of A Wizard of Mars A Wizard of Mars is the ninth book in the Young Wizard series, one of our favorite fantasies and a big influence on Electric Puppet Theatre. (The offer is only good until midnight 8/6/2012, so act fast!)

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