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[[Pria pastes a flier to a brick wall, next to a "Hella Kitty" graffiti.]]

Pria: Bleak side of town, innit?  You get out here much?

Ed: Yeah.  I like it.  Reminds me of the alleys by my old shop.

Pria: The apothecary?  Where Louis found you?

Ed: That's right.

Pria: You know I still don't buy this alchemy rubbish, right, Ed?

Ed: After what I've shown you?

Pria: Not sober, mate.  Not bloody well sober.


March 07, 2012 -- The Internet is our Memory

The background for today's page is based on our favorite graffiti from one of our old neighborhoods. The graffiti is long gone, but lives on on the internet. A big thank you to bemjb for preserving it!

March 07, 2012 -- He Was a Teenage Michael Jackson Impersonator!

Keith K2 Knight, nationally syndicated cartoonist and patron saint of Bay Area comickers, has just launched a Kickstarter project for his autobiographical comic I Was A Teenage Michael Jackson Impersonator!. The incentives are awesome, and we really want to see this one drawn. Go get yer pledges in here.

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