Electric Puppet Transcript

Janice: That was...

Ed: Hard to follow?  I still don't see why we can't just tell...

Janice: No, words wouldn't be adequate

Louis: Hotcha, boychick!  This is one smart cookie!

Janice: I can't say that I understand everything, 
Janice: but it must give way to an epidemic of overconsumption
Janice: One would think by now they must have progressed to the conquest of new worlds

Bubbe: And so they would.  The old country is by now little more than a husk.
Bubbe: They have sucked dry the marrow of its being

Louis: They are stalled now only by knowledge.
Louis: Bubbe is teaching the speaking to the heart of the world, 
Louis: but not its unlocking.

Janice: Hardly a stable state of affairs.
Janice: How closely do they pursue you?


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