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Voice: Come, pet, show them to me

Voice: Reveal yourself, my precious

[[A crystal ball shows nothing]]

Voice: You worthless waste of...

Voice: Ah...

[[Jersey's blurry face appears]]


[[The view sweeps across the club]]


[[and comes to rest on a table]]


February 07, 2013 -- Storyboards

Candorville's Darren Bell takes on The Sandman.

February 08, 2013 -- More Noir

The Q&A session from Laura J. Mixon and Steven Gould's reading at SF in SF is now up.

February 09, 2013 -- Woogie Boogie

The downtown Berkeley BART station is the hot place to discover new music. A few months ago, we caught Deep Chatham, and last night we were treated to a raucous performance by The John Brothers Piano Company. Evoking brothers Harpo and Chico, the Johns hurtle through original compositions a la Yann Tiersen and the Tin Hat Trio with pandemonic energy. Check out their live show and album.

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