Lettering with Free and Open Source Fonts

Electric Puppet Theatre is primarily lettered with EPT Kazoo, but we use many additional free fonts to fill in the details. Here are some samples (images link to the pages that they are taken from, font names link to external font pages, and Debian/Ubuntu packages are indicated where available)

Dustismo Fonts

GPL-licensed fonts from dustismo.com, available via the ttf-dustin package.

El Abogadon Loco font sample

El Abogado Loco

Domestic Manners font sample

Domestic Manners

Wargames font sample


Linux Libertine

A large and elegant family of serif ("Libertine") and sans-serif ("Biolinum") OFL-licensed fonts designed as an altertive to Times New Roman and Helvetica. Available via the fonts-linuxlibertine package.

Linux Libertine font sample

Linux Libertine

Linux Biolinum font sample

Linux Biolinum

Linux Libertine Capitals font sample

Linux Libertine Capitals

John Stracke

Available via the ttf-essays1743 and ttf-isabella packages.

Essays 1743 font sample

Essays 1743 -- based on the typeface in a 1743 English translation of Montaigne's Essays; featured in Mark Pilgrim's Dive Into HTML5.

Isabella font sample

Isabella -- "based on the calligraphic hand used in the Isabella Breviary, made around 1497, in Holland, for Isabella of Castille, the first queen of united Spain."

The League of Movable Type

A small collective of designers making open fonts intended to beautify the web.

League Gothic font sample

League Gothic

Orbitron font sample


Knewave font sample



A series of elegant fonts from a professional stone cutter who started digitizing his designs in 2010.

Berenika font sample

Berenika, based on Celtic inscriptions.

Medieval Sharp font sample

Medieval Sharp


A collection of scalable fonts from a Thai Linux project, including useful typewriter and handwriting fonts from Poonlab Veerathanabutr, available via fonts-tlwg-typewriter and fonts-tlwg-purisa.

TlwgTypewriter font sample


Purisa font sample



Euler Fraktur font sample

Euler Fraktur (medium-weight), from ttf-lyx, a package of TrueType versions of some of the TeX fonts.

URW Bookman font sample

URW Bookman, from (URW)++ Design & Development, available via the ghostscript libgs9-common package.

Ubuntu font sample

Ubuntu, available via ttf-ubuntu-font-family

MgOpen Moderna font sample

MgOpen Moderna (from Magenta Inc.)

SteveHand font sample

Steve Jordi's SteveHand, avaiable via ttf-sjfonts.