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Janice: Thanks, I needed that.

Pria: Chicken salad, eh?

[[They shake hands, introducing themselves]]

Janice: Janice.

Pria: Pria.

Louis: Captain Louis Herschel Moskowitz, at your service.

Janice: Captain?

Pria: Of the kitchen, for now, but he has delusions of grandeur.

Louis: This is respect for your elders?  I was buckling premium swash
 when you were still in diapers.

Pria: And the damsel with the Dell?

Sara: Sara.  Do you work here too?

Pria: No, reading chemistry up the hill.

Sara: Oh, me too!  Well, biology I mean...

Pria: Et tu, Janice?

Janice: Math, actually.

Pria: She doesn't disappoint!


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