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[[Pria, Sara, and Janice emerge from the Hatter's Club]]

Janice: Music does have a lot to do with Math

[[A standing wave curves past the differential equation for a conical woodwind, exciting a drum which, in turn, excites a hammer]]

Sara: And Biology

[[The hammer strikes a cochlear snail, setting its basilar membrane vibrating.  Pria, standing below the Nernst equation, looks on]]

Pria: I've got nothin'

[[The three pause at an overpass, bemused]]

Janice: Well

Janice: There's something you don't see every day


August 10, 2011 -- Music: A Mathematical Offering

Today's strip owes a huge debt to David Benson's awesome book Music: A Mathematical Offering -- a whirlwind tour through the math, physics, and biology of music with a healthy dose of synthesizer programming -- go check it out!

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