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Janice: Sunlight


August 17, 2011 -- New singles from Primus and Kittie

Tragedy's A'Comin', the first single from the new Primus album Green Naugahyde (out 9/13/11) is live at -- it's in a similar vein to Rumble of the Diesel from Of Whales and Woe with nice solos from Les and Ler.

And as long as you're in a head banging mood, check out We are the Lamb and Empires (part 2) from Kittie's new album I've Failed You (out 8/30/11).

August 21, 2011 -- Animating a Git Repository

To celebrate EPT's first issue, we made a two minute animation of all 24 pages being drawn. You can watch the movie and see how it was made here.

August 23, 2011 -- Pitch in for Dresden Codak

Aaron Diaz's computer just died. If you want to see more Dresden Codak (and who doesn't) go do science to it.

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