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[[Sara steps into a dark room at the bottom of the staircase.
  She makes eye contact with the occupants of the room, each in turn:]]

[[Ed -- A broad shouldered bartender in an apron]]

[[Pria -- An arch chemist in a bright orange Dead Kennedys T-shirt, her long
  hair pulled back from a widow's peak and a pint glass in her hand]]

[[Jersey -- A curly-haired waif sitting on the bar.  She looks up shyly from
  a Reuben sandwich as big as her head]]

[[And a fourth figure, hooded and shawled, her back to us, contemplating the
  Martini that sits before her at the bar.  She lifts the drink and turns
  to speak:]]

Bubbe: So vhat are you waiting for?  A written invitation?


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