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Sara: Harmonic sages of fractal dimension
Sara: Unspooling themselves with infinite extension
Sara: Self contained axioms that admit no proof
Sara: All these I dub thee Stranger than Truth


November 28, 2011 -- Web Comics Secret Santa

If you have an active, publicly accessible, non-sprite webcomic with at least 20 pages/strips, you're eligible to participate in this year's Web Comics Secret Santa guest strip/fan art exchange -- looks like fun.

Thanks to Joseph Hewitt of Atraxia Theatre for pointing this out.

November 29, 2011 -- 410

One of our programming heroes left the net last month. As far as we know, he's fine, just ready for more privacy, and who can blame him? Fortunately, he had the foresight to release his words and code in a form that others can care for, so they are still free to scatter and take root.

410 -- Goodbye, and thanks for all the scripts.

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