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[[Sara walks through the halls of the lab building, listening to music on her
laptop and carrying a cup of coffee.  She passes a janitor.]]
Sara: Good morning.

Janitor: Hmph. Afternoon more like.

[[The janitor squeegees his mop]]

[[A river of blood spills from under a nearby door]]
Janitor: What the?


December 21, 2011 -- Introverted EPT

Check out this sweet take on the puppets by Neal Skorpen, our 2011 Web Comic Secret Santa. Be sure to check out The Introvert Manifesto and Neal's other comics.

Neal Skorpen's sweat picture of Janice, Sara, and Louis rocking out.

December 26, 2011 -- Gift Art on IDGet

Our Web Comic Secret Santa comic is up on IDGet! You can see the full set of Secret Santa comics here.

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