October 10, 2011 -- A Belated Happy Ada Lovelace Day

We were too unhip to remember Ada Lovelace Day this year, so instead we point you to Matthew Garrett's excellent tribute to Margaret Dayhoff. A staggering amount of our knowledge of molecular evolution stands on the shoulders of Dayhoff's PAM matrices. Why not celebrate by taking them out for a spin?

October 17, 2011 -- All books are Moby-Dick...

...it's just that some of them are really badly misprinted.

If you're a fan of Jorge Louis Borges xor Markov models (or, more likely, a fan of Jorge Luis Borges and Markov models) you must check out Shaenon Garrity's new short story Librarians in the Branch Library of Babel.

Go ahead, it's not that long...

...and you'll be wanting to drop me a postcard to thank me for pointing it out to you.

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