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[[Back in the present]]

Sara: It's just, this is the first time anyone's actually taken it

[[Pria answers the phone]]

Pria: Rador lab, Rador's Nadirs are all glum right now, what can I do you for?

Pria: Oh, hi Lou.  Not so frosty, actually, Sara's lappy flew the coop.
Pria: Yeah.  Gig's off, I'm afraid.  We can't ask her to...

Sara: Wait.  Tell him we'll be there.
Pria: Really?
Sara: Sure.  We'll figure something out.

Pria: Ace!
Pria: What?
Pria: Yeah, Lou.
Pria: The fix is in.  We'll see you at 7.

Pria: Come on, luv.  We've got some gear to score!


May 18, 2012 -- Dialogue-Free Comics Day

Today is the third annual Dialog Free Comics Day. As it happens, we are awfully chatty this year, but you can check out those comics hep enough to keep their yaps shut at Noel Curry's site.

May 20, 2012 -- Free Socks!

John Troutman has put up the first 37 pages of Mary Elizabeth's Sock as a free cbz download (yes, the comics are already free, but the download offers a nifty off-line reading experience and features images at 1.5 times the resolution of their web counterparts).

The download is available here along with suggested cbz readers for various platforms. For Linux, we suggest Comix.

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