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[[Pria and Sara ransack the lab building for computer parts]]

Monte: But it needs to run all night
Pria: How much RAM do you need for data collection?
Monte: Technically, 640k but...
Sara: 'K thx bye!
Pitr: Monte, you are forgetting to factor in two gigs for x-pilot!
Pitr: We are in render screen of death again

Sara: And then you just differentiate under the integral sign, see?  You don't need a computer for that!

Will: Pria!
Pria: Put a sock in it, Will.  Chart plotters build character.


May 26, 2012 -- Zombie Western

Check out the new video for Lee Van Cleef, our favorite cut from Primus's Green Naugahyde.

May 26, 2012 -- Gource Animation

Just updated our movie page with a Gource-based animation of the full EPT repository. Unlike our previous movies this one is file-based, so you can see us flitting about amongst the chapter directories and website code. As always, the video is available for download as well as on YouTube.

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