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Sara: How about, The Question Marks?
Pria: Tequila Worm?
Sara: The Mighty Singing Wattles?
Pria: Taken.
Sara: The Appealing Roosters?
Pria: Near enough to taken (and I hereby veto any and all articles)

[[Ed throws a sleeping Jersey over his shoulder]]
Ed: G'night, kids.  Don't stay up too late.

Sara: What about something with pirates?
Louis: I resent that.

[[Janice doodles musical ideas on a piece of paper]]
Pria: Ninjas?
Janice: Likewise resentful.
Pria: Whoa, really?
Janice: If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
Pria: Say that's a good name for a
Janice: No!

Sara: Monkeys?
Louis: I've known too many monkeys.
Sara: Philistines!  Without pirates, monkeys, and ninjas, there is no theatre!

[[Sara and Pria are falling asleep at the table]]
Sara: Puppets?
Pria: 'Lectricity
Sara and Pria: Electric Puppet Theatre!


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