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Janice: A bit outre?

Pria: Rather metal, I thought.

Sara: Yeah!  Totally Metal!  So... Does that mean you want to play again?

Bubbe: But of course!  You are playing here.  Friday night!

Janice: What?  You mean perform?

Ed: We could use the business.  Man does not live on Pria's tab alone.

Sara: Totally!

Pria: I'm in.

Janice: Well... I suppose we'll need a name.


July 11, 2011 -- The Electric Puppet Crossword Generator

Prompted by T. Campbell's invention of the cruciverbacomic, we are pleased to present the Electric Puppet Crossword Generator, a free program for automatically generating crossword puzzles from a starting grid and a dictionary.

Read more, and download the program here

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