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Louis: Crowd is turning like three day buttermilk.  Janice?

Janice: Okay.
Janice: I'll hold them.

Janice: Hi.

[[Janice steps up to the mike]]

Janice: I've got this tape I want to play for you.


June 21, 2012 -- Whiskey and Rye

The internet is conversing on music. Here are the snippets that we've overheard:

What strikes us about these essays are not simply their civility, but their length and thoughtfulness. We care, deeply and collectively about the future of music. The tenor of the conversation suggests that it is in good hands.

June 21, 2012 -- GMOFAQ

Michael Eisen is doing a series of blog posts on genetically engineered food -- looks like interesting reading.

June 26, 2012 -- Chynna's Broke-@$$ Mac Fund

Chynna Blue Monday Clugston's computer just died. She's set up a fundraiser to buy a new one here. Remember, the sooner she can get back to drawing, the sooner we'll get another issue of Thieves Like Us!

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