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Man in crowd: Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Janice: Fa-fa-fa-fa fa-fa fa-fa fa-far

Janice: Better

Janice: Run-run run-run run-run run away

Pria: Oi, Janice
Pria: We're ready

[[Janice raises her sax to her lips]]


June 27, 2012 -- Dancing Solo

Happy 50th page to Dancing Solo

June 27, 2012 -- Free Vittles

Tyler Nothing Better Page just dropped the Stylish Vittles 10th Anniversary Collection eBook -- a pdf of all three volumes of his first comic plus hundreds of pages of thumbnails, scripts, and sketches. Check it out here!

June 29, 2012 -- Monster of the Week

New comic from Shaenon Garrity: Monster of the Week -- wherein each Friday she posts a 12 panel recap of an X-Files episode ("because it's awesome")

July 03, 2012 -- Sleep Furiously

It's time for another Chompskian romp with Shaenon Garrity -- Colorless Green Ideas!

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